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30 years of the Polish techno sceneBlog PostNews

30 years of the Polish Techno Scene

Jon | December 9, 2020

The first anthology documenting the history of the techno scene and of electronic music in Poland.

A comprehensive panorama of culture which is a real treat not only for avid clubbers. Join us in our journey into the heart of Polish rave as we give you more than 700 pages of text and pictures that come together to portray the evolution of techno in Poland.

Take a trip down the memory lane to the DIY times of the post-socialist dreariness, through the years of budding capitalism all the way to the second decade of the 21st century. Come visit pioneer squats, take part in extraterritorial cruises, have a peek behind the curtains of the first Love Parade, discover life stories of DJs who were at the backstage of cult festivals, check out pirate radio stations and abandoned, vacant buildings possessed by the spirit of rave. It is a book written by those who have been the creative force behind the Polish techno: the producers, clubbers and fans of the genre. It covers three decades and maps the culture that has been thriving in Warsaw, Poznań, Łódź, but also in places outside the reach of any police radars. Anyone who at least once in his or her lifetime got carried away by the hypnotizing power of rave will find something here.

And let us not forget it was rave that first adopted PLUR principles, i.e. Peace, Love, Unity, Respect as its motto. Although the climate in Poland was often gloomy, techno helped us experience what community and equality ideals meant in practice. And taught us not to gotoo much over the top with drugs.


Filip Bartłomiej Abramczyk / Pysh; Ades, Kugiel i Piotr Kasprowicz; Paweł Bartnik / DJ Sajko; Krystian Batyjewski / DJ Krisb; Błażej Bielecki / Splatter; Norbert Borzym / DJ Bert; Marcin Cisło / Kwazar; Maciej Cybulski / Niezytboy; Jarek Czechowski / Angelo Mike; Grzegorz Demiańczuk oraz Wojciech Tarańczuk / Catz ’N Dogz, Gerhard Derksen / DJ Gerhard; Jędrzej Dondziło / DJ Dtekk; Wojciech Drabek / DJ Styropian; Jarek Drążek / DJ Drwal; Bartek Dzienkiewicz / MesBrutah; Piotr Figiel; Lech Fikander; Mariusz Filipczyński / DJ Bongo; Sebastian Gawor / DJ Insect; Patryk Gęgniewicz; grae area underground; Hadrian, Aneta Hudzik / Eta Hox; Izolda; Jacek Janicki / Ventylator; Ewa Justka; Piotr Kędziora;Piotr Klejment,Robert Korzeniowski / Mr. Root; Iwona Korzybska; Jakub Rene Kosik; Eliza Krakówka / DJ Eli; Wojtek Kucharczyk; Bartek Kujawski / 8rolek; Jacek Leszcz / Lcaise; Terstin Lichwała, Michał Piwowar, Private Press; Marcin Lisiecki; Grzegorz Magnuszewski / Magnes; Martyna Maja / VTSS; KarolinaMajewska / Carla Roca; Piotr Michalewski / DJ Fresh; Łukasz Napora; DJ Nois, Kasia Nowicka / Novika; Dominik Nowak / DJ tr72; ISNT i Monster oraz Avtomat / Oramics; Michał Ostapowicz / Mic Ostap; Jacek Pietrzak / DJ Inkee; Paweł Pindera / DJ Paul Exes; Bartosz Piwowar / DJ Elf; Kacper Ponichtera; Jurek Przeździecki; Leszek Rakowski;Tomek Roehr / DJ Dreddy; Rrrkrta; Marcin Rutkiewicz, Łukasz Salbert / DJ Siasia; Jacek Sienkiewicz i Maciek Sienkiewicz; Wiktor Skok; Bartosz Słodkowski / DJ Twinn; Kuba Sojka; Tomek Świtała / Tomasz Guiddo; Milena Natalia Soporowska; Tomasz Stempniewicz / Tom Encore; Anna Suda / An On Bast; Karol Suka; Janusz Szałapata / yane3dots; Grzegorz Tarka / Ygreg; Radosław Tereszczuk; Joanna Tomczak / DJ Joana; Adam Wacławski / Ender; Lehu; Maciej Wawrzycki; Artur Wojtczak; Tomasz Wołek / WaxVax; Marcelo Zammenhoff; Łukasz Zbińkowski / Zbinior; Rafał Zydorek



Radosław Tereszczuk Ursynów born, now a Śródmieście resident (Warsaw); a poet, musician, theoretician and pioneer of technology-based art. Gray eminence of Warsaw club floors. From mid 1990s he hasn’t missed a party in town. He played his first set in 1996. An inventor, expert and consultant in the areas such asIT, ICT, statistics, machine learning, genetics and physics. In his free time, he is developing his research project dedicated to the new class of programming languages based on original discoveriesfrom the domain of mathematics of graphs.

Łukasz Krajewski Graduated from philosophy and cultural studies at the Warsaw University. He has published his interviews, translations and critical pieces in Glissand, Elewator, Wakat and Kukbuk. He lives and works in Warsaw.

Artur Wojtczak A relentless ambassador of the club culture in Poland, a freelance journalist working for various magazines, e.g. Muno, Electronic Beats Polska (editor in chief), Laif, Noizz. He develops original features about latest releases on the Polish club scene: House-Nation Poland and Clubland Polska. He also publishes internationally, e.g. in Mixmag UK, Pulse Radio and Only Techno. Member of the Polish Phonographic Academy which confers the Fryderyk award. The spokesman and the Communications Director of the Instytut Festival.

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Written by Jon


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